1. Planning business
    Advising on the improvement of existing businesses based on the needs of customers planning and improving new businesses and planning new businesses. A support business that maximizes use of internal sources that can not be noticed or used only internally Planning and planning of new businesses, etc. Evaluate business opportunities from the viewpoint of marketing technology
  2. International business
    Based on the needs that foreign companies and Japanese companies are looking for, M & A, joint ventures, business integration, international consulting such as technical cooperation, advanced countries, emerging countries, developing countries, sales or overseas business in Japan support
  3. Brand and manufacturer business
    Overseas field, import, purchase, agency, sales network construction, marketing, marketing management, coaching, manufacturing, product development, PR, events, sales methods, etc. have consistent field experience from upstream to downstream, business Consulting is possible while watching the entire flow. If there is no consistent point of experience, problems tend to occur at some junctions, often resulting in business failure. Professionals in each section are important, but I think it is very important to be able to understand everything.
  4. Tourism Reconstruction Project
    Advisor of regional tourism resource restructure and redesign. We analyze the tourists and from there, we consider the potential of the tourism resources and the wants of the tourists, and support the business based on the universal thing and the ideal figure, not the epidemic.
  5. Real estate, hotel business
    Support for site acquisitions such as hotel M & A overseas, site acquisition overseas, or overseas hotels, commercial facilities, residences etc in Japan
  6. Area development plan
    In planning and design of the town (area), not only new but also planning and design that were in the area. In addition, in consideration of the environment such as energy saving and re-energy, we propose planning and design considering the ease of spending essential
  7. Smart community (smart city, smart grid)
    We make draft that is suitable for area for Suma komi that the further spread is predicted in the future

What is our smart community?

『Smart city』=①1 communication (cloud)+②data (people, energy, facilities, etc.)
+③energy saving +④re-energy+⑤safety+⑥ideas+⑦individual requirements+⑧optimization of all