1. Power liberalization business Business support for power retail. Support for growth companies in Japan in the United States of liberalized developed countries and JV support for US and Japanese companies
  2. Infectious medical waste recycling treatment plant business In a system that does not incinerate infectious waste discharged from hospitals, inspection institutions etc., sterilization processing, decompression processing, if there is a request, it is converted to light oil and kerosene oil from processed material, Processing without putting out. Japan’s first world-class infectious medical waste recycling plant business. In addition, a system has been introduced to prevent illegal dumping, including the introduction of an electronic manifest for delivery, to reduce the risk that emitters will be punished by illegal dumping by delivery companies.
  3. Renewable energy business As part of land effective use utilization service and energy development, advisors on how to use renewable energy such as small hydropower, biomass, mega solar, infectious medical waste, etc.

<Example of main participation business>

  1. Biomass business
    Launched Japan’s first biomass plant in the country’s subsidy business in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, and subsequently launched businesses such as Yamagata, Miyagi Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, etc. and also conducted advisory services. In addition, we select equipment in the center of the plant from overseas plant companies, and handle everything related to the business such as import. In order to spread the biomass, when analyzing the distribution of pellets, how to handle the pellets becomes the key. Therefore, it is one of the reasons that the biomass pellet spreads today by making it easy to handle it by distribution, storage, etc. without using the firefighting and the municipal office as a dangerous material for the treatment of the pellet.
  2. Recycling business
    In general industrial waste recycling, RDF, RPF plant business and, in Japan, involved in the Cubar plant business with very few cases